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Friday, December 7, 2007

BarcelonaMan's FIRST Barcelona Blog Entry

Welcome to BarcelonaMan's Blog!

It's all gotta start somewhere, doesn't it? So here goes, BarcelonaMan's first foray into blogging.

Here I'll discuss Barcelona's news items and events - some political and some sports - while also entertaining readers with my own personal experiences, Barcelona photos, favorite Barcelona restaurants and monuments, and even some entries on Barcelona lodgings.

But why Barcelona? And who is this BarcelonaMan guy? Both are good questions.

According to Wikipedia's page on Barcelona, the Catalán city is populated by 1.6 MILLION inhabitants. Many of those citizens are of Catalán heritage. A strong minority are from many other places in Spain - and the world - making it a kind of Spanish melting pot, if you will.

If you're not Spanish you probably don't know the following... MANY Catalánes don't feel Spanish.

HUH?! HOW can one be a citizen of XYZ Nation and NOT feel a national in the country in which you live??

Many Catalánes, instead, feel Catalán and would very much prefer NOT to be part of the nation of Spain but rather their own country, their own governing entity. They'd like to become a kind of
ANDORRA if possible. This alone makes Barcelona unique - but it's certainly not the ONLY thing.

The obvious aspect of ARTISTIC Barcelona is unavoidable and I'll go into some detail about that here.

Simply walking the streets, beachfront, and and Gothic Quarter of Barcelona really tells the whole story. While every European city has its own "Old Town", Barcelona's is most definitely unique.

And just who is BarcelonaMan?? I'm one of the MANY Barcelona visitors whom fell in love with the city after only the first visit. Yes. It had quite a profound affect on me. So much so that I wanted to share my passion with others whom may have similar afflictions, having been bitten by the Barcelona Bug!

In early 2006 I started in order to help assuage my passion for the Catalán Capital. It helped - A LOT - but this new Barcelona Blog allows me to better express myself and share experiences about the city in an progressive format.

It's my sincere hope that you'll find this Barcelona Blog interesting, informative, and even entertaining.

Saludos, BarcelonaMan