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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Cirque du Soleil's DELIRIUM in Barcelona

Cirque du Soleil's DELIRIUM
tour is coming to Barcelona!!!

Upcoming DELIRIUM show dates for Barcelona AND Valencia are listed below. If they're not sold out yet, be sure to try to see this incredible performance. You'll REALLY be glad you did.

Valencia, ES
Feria Valencia
2007/12/13 - 21h30
2007/12/14 - 21h30
2007/12/15 - 21h30
2007/12/16 - 21h00

Barcelona, ES
2007/12/19 - 21h30
2007/12/20 - 21h30
2007/12/21 - 21h30
2007/12/22 - 18h00
2007/12/22 - 21h30

I was VERY fortunate to get into last Saturday night's DELIRIUM show in Madrid. All the other shows were sold out but they'd added one show to Saturday to accommodate the demand. And thanks goodness they did! WHAT A SHOW!

It was 1 hour and 40 minutes of music, sights, sounds, and incredible dancing, spinning, jumping, balancing, and dangling!

THE MUSIC is largely live (listen to music clips HERE), performed by live bands and professional singers - many times the vocal artists were suspended by wires and floating above the action below. From the African drummers to the Rock Bands and professional singers it is an audio experience worth owning on any CD - or better yet, on DVD!

Watch a short video of Delirium:
( press play )

From their website:


An urban tale
With visually stunning tableaux in which music and projections meld together seamlessly, DELIRIUM is a contemporary urban tale, a quest for balance in a world increasingly out of sync with reality. Bill – the main character – is an ordinary man living inside a bubble, more and more recluse in a society where even relationships are “virtual,” and where television and computers have become ubiquitous devices that isolate us from one another.

A delirious sensory folly
Everything in Bill’s urban life further draws him into an imaginary, virtual world. On his journey he meets myriad characters that bring him little by little on the cusp of growth and change. He eventually learns to ground his energy into the real world. At the end of his voyage, Bill contaminates the people of his planet and enlists them in his quest for balance.

DELIRIUM is a delirious sensory folly where music unites space, individual and society in a world marked by solitude and isolation. The subtext of DELIRIUM is the notion that, in life, we must join together—escape our solitary cocoons—to survive.

Music in motion
Injecting new life into the 21 songs chosen among Cirque du Soleil’s most memorable musical moments, DELIRIUM is based on a musical rather than an acrobatic structure—a first for Cirque du Soleil. Melodies, musicians and singers are the driving force of this show that features a series of tableaux made up of images ranging from prerecorded visuals to manipulated live feeds that create interactions between the artists and the audience. Featuring new texts in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese, the 21 remixed melodies mark a significant departure from the music Cirque du Soleil fans have come to expect.

The music of DELIRIUM—“urban tribal beats” that combine percussive driven pop and electronic music with melodious ballads and world rhythm sounds—take the audience on an incandescent journey into the musical realm of Cirque du Soleil and the aerial world of Michel Lemieux and Victor Pilon.