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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Barcelona Snow "Nevada" March 2010

The Barcelona snow has melted under the sunny skies this morning. Yesterday, citizens and tourists experienced the worst snow in Barcelona in the last 25 years - but they say wind and cold will continue in the following days. So let's see if the weather gods will have a re-peat of the same Barcelona weather.

In the last 36 hours, 220,000 persons have been left without power in all of Cataluña, the worst of it was in the province of Girona. 1,500 people had to be rescued from their cars, traffic jams everywhere, and pedestrians slipping on sidewalks. Airplane service stopped as did nearly all regional trains. Only the Barcelona Metro worked non-stop throughout the night to get the stranded back home, a service which only takes place on the weekends.

The sight of snowy Barcelona beaches was surreal as was the snow-covered Plaça Reial with its palm trees sadly drooping, topped with the heavy white stuff. The kids loved it, of course, especially those whose schools were closed so that they may play in the snow many of whom had never seen snow in Barcelona before.

And not surprisingly, the world has taken notice. My Barcelona WebCams page registered a historical high in visits yesterday (nearly 2,000) and will probably outrun that today as the counter is already at 1,000 before noon.

Video: "Nevada en Barcelona: La gran nevada sorprende a los barceloneses"